Throughout my explorations and collaborations my solo project always remains my highest priority. This is my child. My life. My essence. I’ve released two albums in Denmark and I’m working on my first international release, which feels somehow like my debut album in many ways.

Lydmor & Bon Homme

My different collaborations with Tomas turned into a regular band and in 2015 we released “Seven Dreams of Fire” under our common name, and played a few exclusive concerts around Europe. Currently we are both focusing on other things, but we are not done with eachother.

Equinox Noir

The mysterious fantasy animated universe of director Jeanette Nielsen. Ever since we met there has been something unique and magical over our connection and I am proud to be the composer behind the web series and forthcoming movie, as well as voice acting the character Crane.

So-So Echo

My old band So-So Echo was a warm and brief summer affair, and there are currently no plans to reunite.

Guest singer with Arsenal

My Belgian adventure. A huge part of my life that changed who I am today. <3

Guest Singer with Bottled in England

Guest singer with Jose Padilla