Alone in a hotel room pt 1

Alone in a hotel room

Idle time

Scratches my skin comfortably once in awhile

Notice new things in well-known rooms

Think almost new spring morning thoughts

be solitarily sensual for no good reason


look at ceiling

walk barefoot on carpet

wiggle toes

dance fingers through intricate pretend-patterns on pillow

blink excruciatingly slow for a few seconds

notice breathing

stop time

dream the same daydream over and over until it becomes faded and grey

like a pink piece of chewing gum loses it’s taste after a while

discard then

Flirt with the lamp

turn off the switch and be a little comfortably heart broken

follow a grain of dust float around in a sun beam

Trick mind to change perspective.

Ceiling is now floor

wiggle toes on ceiling

practice cat purring

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